Browning Floating Decoy Bag - Mossy Oak Bottomland

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Waterfowl hunters know to find the ducks you have to get away from the crowds and skyblasters. But if there is anything bad about waterfowl hunting it's packing your decoys to the honey hole from the truck. Whether you're hauling decoys or looking for organization in the boat, the Browning Floating Decoy Bag is designed to carry two dozen decoys. An integrated foam pad keeps the decoy bag afloat when empty and provides comfort while on your shoulders. With an adjustable nylon web waist belt and buckle, the decoy bag provides stability. 

  • Attached foam pad keeps the decoy bag afloat when empty
  • Reinforced mesh construction
  • Adjustable nylon web shoulder straps
  • Adjustable nylon web waist belt  with buckle
  • Holds two dozen standard duck decoys
  • 48" (H) x 27" (W)
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