Browning Gold Gun Cleaner

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Hunting and shooting are the fun parts of owning a firearm. Cleaning on the other hand is often easy to overlook. Featuring impressive cleaning power and dry finish lubrication to prevent neutralize fingerprints and resist corrosion, Browning Gold Gun Cleaner speeds up the process to make caring for guns easier.

Gold Gun Cleaner is formulated without the use of corrosive or overly harsh chemicals that can damage finishes and components. This product goes on wet and quickly dries, leaving  behind a microscopic, but extremely effective rust preventative and hydrophobic dry lubricant finish to provide lasting protection to surfaces. Effective on the cleaning bench, it is also easy to apply in the field or marsh when quick cleaning or additional protection from harsh environments is needed.

Browning Gun Cleaner comes in an improved metal container with a spray applicator for easy application. When used in conjunction with Browning Gold Gun Oil, you have an extremely effective and durable system to keep your firearms running smoothly and reliably.

  • Deep cleaning action removes fouling and residue
  • Dry finish lubrication and long term rust prevention
  • Long lasting moisture repellent
  • Neutralizes fingerprints
  • Made in USA
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