Atlas Mike's Miracle Thread - Fluorescent Pink - 100 Feet

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f you've ever had a sack of salmon roe slip off your jig head, the answer to keeping it on is the no-knot, strong, and highly stretchable Atlas Miracle Thread. The thin elastic bait thread stays put and is simple to use.

The Miracle Thread fishing bait wrap thread is straightforward and saves bait from getting ripped off by a bite and losing the fish in the process. All you need to do is wrap the Mike Miracle Thread around your already hooked bait eight to ten times near the top of the hook shank. Break it off with a firm tug and smooth the tag end onto your bait. It is literally that easy! Securing your baits to hook is almost effortless with Atlas-Mike's Miracle Thread Wrap!

  • Thread is strong enough to hold bait unnoticed by fish
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