Egg Cures - Proven Recipes & Techniques By: Scott Haugen

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The best natural bait in the salmon and steelhead fishing world is the egg, or roe. In this comprehensive, one-of-a-kind book, Scott Haugen looks at more than two dozen ways to cure salmon and steelhead eggs. From proper handling to following step by-step recipes and correct storage, all you need to know about curing eggs can be found in these pages. In addition to looking at the science behind egg cures, helpful hints from some of the most successful minds in the salmon and steelhead fishing world come together to educate anglers. From homespun recipes to unique processes using commercial cures, this book covers it. No serious egg fisherman should take to the water with less than two egg cures. Given the variety of recipes in this book, you'll likely find the cures that work best for you. From start to finish, appropriate egg curing will ultimately increase the number of salmon and steelhead you catch. If you're serious about egg cures, this instructional book with its nearly 100 color photos is a must. 5½" x 8½", 104 page, all color.

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