Browning Shotgun Cleaning Kit - 12 & 20 Gauge

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Specialized kits for specialized tasks. In addition to universal cleaning kits, Browning has excellent kits specifically for your rifle, shotgun or pistol. These kits are self-contained with task-specific tools for cleaning specific types of firearms. Avoid disorganization and searching through a larger set of tools. Get separate kits that you can easily grab for use at your workbench or pack away for use at hunting camp or in the field.

  • Four-section T-handled brass cleaning rods
  • 2 phosphor bronze bore brushes: 12 ga. and 20 ga.
  • 2 cotton bore mops: 12 ga. and 20 ga.
  • Empty two-compartment poly bottle with twist closure for oil and grease
  • Clear-topped plastic hard case
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