DownRange 12ga DR-XXL-Pink-7/8 Oz - 500 Count

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***Color may vary due to current availability of raw materials***


This pink wad is designed to load 7/8 oz. loads into the STS and AA hulls.


  • Replaces OEM:WIN. WAA12L, CB0178-12
  • Information:
  • LOOKS DIFFERENT THAN OEM; BALLISTICS ARE THE SAME AS OEM; Tapered Case (Tapered case = STS, Nitro 27, High Velocity, Gun Club, AA HS and AA Old Style compression formed)

    Made with a double-stacked “X” in the cusion section. As the top “X” is thinner than the bottom “X”, it compresses with a little wad seating pressure which allows you to use it in 1 oz. loads. Manufactured with the same high-grade plastic as our other premium wads for easy loading and reduced barrrel fouling.

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