Browning Gold Gun Oil

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Gun owners can now look forward to reliable firearm function without the mess caused by most gun oils. Browning Gold Gun Oil provides lasting lubrication and corrosion prevention, but is unique in that it goes on wet and forms a dry finish that doesn’t the attract the grit, dust, and debris that lead to most stoppages. The dry finish is also extremely temperature insensitive and suitable for even the coldest environments. 

Browning Gun Oil comes in an improved metal container with a spray applicator for easy application. When used in conjunction with Browning Gold Gun Cleaner, you have an extremely effective and durable system to keep your firearms running smoothly and reliably.

  • USDA certified biobased product
  • Non-hazardous and safe on all finishes 
  • Dry finish lubricant reduces friction
  • Repels dust 
  • Superior rust prevention
  • Made in USA 
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